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 Post subject: Application Process - new members please read
PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:28 pm 
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Currently there's a couple of steps new guildies have to do to run through the application process to become a proper Shadowlord:

    1) Register on the Forum (Forumname = Main character name)
    2) Write an Application or Introduction using the Application Form
    3) Getting added to the 'Member' Forum Group (done by a Moderator or Administrator - normally in less than 24h)
    4) Read and sign our guidelines the 'Welcome to Shadowlords Society' thread

Once all is done, you're in the queue for an ingame promotion. Under normal conditions you will become one after having played 1 month with us.
We ask you to do the last two steps:

    5) Setup the teamspeak client , we require it to be atleast on listen mode. Info about our TS server you'll find here.
    6) Update your character's member notes with Forumname, Character Role and Craft

Further Explanation

1) Having Forum Access and checking it regularily is one of the few things we take as mandatory for all Shadowlords, so it's either do it or look for another guild.
You'll find a ton of information aswell as guild event and raid announcements besides the friendly chatter about this and that.

2) If you don't know what to write or tell is in the application, you may use the Application Form as a template. Why? For the simple fact that we're a close knit community and we wanna learn to know you a bit. So don't hesitate to waffle away. A simple 'Hello, get me in already' won't be enough for us and we will reserve the right to turn improper applications down. Again, Recruits looking for a completely anonymous guild environment are wrong in Shadowlords Society.

3) Adding users to the 'Members' forum group will be done by any forum group leader of this group. Naturally this will be the recruitment officers, and the GM's + admins. If you think you should already be added, don't hesitate to ask us ingame.

4) After having signed the Guild Guidelines the Recruit is in the queue to become a Shadowlord. Recruits not having signed the guidelines are closed down to ingame promotions and can't become a real Shadowlord.

6) Member Notes should be updated by all Shadowlords regularily with atleast the Forumname. While we certainly may have an eye on it, the people should do it on their own and we should encourage them to do so - simply for the fact that 100-200 different players with over 30 online are quite a lot, and it's easier to see who is who and can add something for a group etc.
Notes should consist of:
Forumname, Class Role (Tank, MDPS, RDPS, Heal), Crafting & Level

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